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There are 3 important and very beautiful valleys to surround BussanaNuova and BussanaVecchia ........ (the world-famous ArtistVillage, where Wolf and Jana Weiser keep their CandleShop. btw.: they have NOT only candles in that store) ...

Valleys full of sweet little towns such as : Poggio, Ceriana, Baiardo, Vignai, Ciabaudo, Arma-di-Taggia, Taggia, Badalucco, Montalto, Carpasio, Molini-di-Triora, Triora ..... with lots of houses for sale and/or rent

West: ArmeaValley 
North: OxentinaValley 
East: ArgentinaValley 

Grotta delle Candele

 ... do you like candles ?

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